Varietal: Caturra, Tipica, Castilla
Notes: Grapes, berries and coconut
Farmer: Ramiro Carrera

Ramiro Carrera and his wife Lucia Rojas run this coffee farm in the village of Iquira in Huila. Ramiro today has 4 hectares of land and although he does not have access roads to easily carry his production, he is proud of the improvements that he has been able to maintain his crop. Currently, he has 2 hectares of cultivation for special coffee varieties Caturra and Tabi. Ramiro and Lucia say that although they are in their early thirties, they continue betting on their land to get special coffees and intend to leave as inheritance to their two children, the Finca El Cielo, whose name represents the sensation that it produces when you see your land from afar.

El Cielo - 250gm

  • We are predicting the El Cielo to be yet another best seller. The coffee is packed with notes giving you a great coffee tasting experience every time. All in all a complex coffee full of fruity notes such as grapes, berries, melon and even coconut, with brown sugar and malt richness. This needs to be your next everyday coffee! 




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