Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Notes: Fruity, Nutty, with Dark Chocolate
Farmer: Ernesto Montaño

Region: Jardin, Antioquia


Ernesto was born and raised at Finca El Olivo, being the 3rd generation of the Montaño family controlling the 4.5 acre farm where they produce coffee, avocado and plantain. His father was a traditional coffee producer from the coffee producing triangle with more than 40 years of experience and after his father passed away, Ernesto decided to redirect the farm to enter the specialty coffee market. Since then Ernesto has been able to score a 84+ point cup with his new harvesting standards and techniques, including a longer aerobic fermentation process. The first of many steps for the Montaño family to secure their place as specialty coffee producers and we are most happy to be part of that story.


Weight: 250g

El Olivo

  • Very balanced with fruity and nutty notes, which is what you expect in a cup of speciality coffee. It works best as the everyday coffee that you need to start your day, especialy if you want to start it right! 




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