Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Notes: Berries, Peach and Hazelnut
Farmer: Red Associations Santuario


Red Associations Santuario is an association made up of 218 producers from the region surrounding the town of Santuratio, Risaralda. Both land mass and production scale vary from producer to producer, and the altitude covered by the association as a whole sits between 1300 and 1900 MASL. The municipality itself is located  in the West of the department, 62 km from the region’s capital, Pereira, and anchored at the foot of the Tatama National Park.

El Santuario - 250gm

  • We tried the Santuario and immediately got notes of berries, peaches and hazelnut goodness! The coffee has medium acidity which complements the fruity notes that come with it. We love this coffee and would recommend with a slice of chocolate cake - perfect! 




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