Varietal: Colombia, Castilla
Notes: Cocoa and fruity with aromas of dried fruits and nuts
Location: Tolima, Colombia


This process starts taking ther coffee beans to the Desafecol Plant in Manizales Colombia. The coffee is decaffeinated through a process that uses ethyl acetate as a solvent, which is an ingredient derived from sugar cane obtained through natural processes. Final moisture is below 11.7%, caffeine removal of more the 97% and the residual ethyl acetate is below 30 parts per million. Free from after tastes and unusual odours, only great juicy notes are preserved from the initial raw material. 

El Teruel (Decaf) - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • We spent quite some time trying to find a great decaf coffee that matched some of the regular ones we have stocked and El Teruel pretty much smashed through the competition. The notes are distinct and delicately balanced with great aromas that will have you coming back for more. If you want to sleep after watching that late night movie - this is the perfect decaf coffee for you.




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