Variety: Castillo

Notes: Strawberry, Almond and White Sugar

Roast: Medium Roast
Farmer: El Fénix Community

Region:  Calarcá, Quindio


The El Fénix Community farm is located in the eastern municipality of Quindío, Colombia. The farm has ideal climate conditions with a strong sun reflection off the valley and an average rainfall 2.275 mm a year, in addition to natural spring falls which provide water for the farm’s needs. El Fénix is also home to a developing a community wet mill for producers in the area. The project was crowdfunded to help fund the construction of the mill, which when complete will provide the region’s farmers with greater control over their coffee quality, and control over their income through a fixed price payment system.


Weight: 250g

Hacienda El Fénix

  • El Fenix is packed with notes of Strawberry, Almond and White Sugar and takes on a really jammy texture and natural sweetness when brewed. This is a great coffee and another great addition to our collection. A must try if you want to enjoy a naturally sweet cup of coffee.



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