Varietal: Castillo
Notes: Red Berries, Caramel, Cherries and Dark Chocolate

Roast: Medium Roast
Farmer: Alvaro Naranjo

Region: Tolima


Hacienda El Jardín has been in the Naranjo family for 3 generations and is a majestic 170 hectares coffee-producing farm. The farm has always been focused on commodity type coffee, however, during the last few years, it has adapted to the trends and started implementing specialty coffee protocols and transformed the farm into the perfect environment for bird watching. There is a great potential in this farm for specialty coffee due to its ecosystems around it and its location. Also, its milling facilities and lab are located just 5 minutes away, which makes the quality control process fast and accessible.


Weight: 250g

Hacienda El Jardín

Beans or Ground?
  • We tried this coffee for the first time back in October last year (2019) when we visited Hacienda El Jardin. We were blown away not just for the majestic views of the landscape of the Hacienda (farm) but also by the quality of the coffees that they are producing there. This coffee can be used with any brewing methods, but because of its inherent rich delicious notes of caramel mixed with berries, cherries and dark chocolate, we would recommend it for espresso-based coffees, Moka Pot, and AeroPress.  



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