Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Notes: Melon, Blood Orange and Cherry
Farmer: Santiago Londoño

Hacienda Mallorca is a farm in the Valle del Cauca state of southwestern Colombia producing specialty coffee on most of its 51 hectares The farm is run by Santiago Londoño, a 4th generation coffee farmer. The farm was certified by the Rainforest Alliance in 2006 and the 18 natural springs on the property are protected by conservation forests. The Yellow Bourbon is one of the special coffees harvested here and Santiago has spent time working out the best method for washing and drying these beans. 

Hacienda Mallorca (Yellow Bourbon) - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • We have tried a few Yellow Bourbons previously, but nothing as great as the complex flavours of blood orange and melon, with a sweet aftertaste of cherries. For the perfect finish, try this with a slice of the delicious blood orange cake at our coffee shop.




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