Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Notes: Red Apple, Malt and Orange
Farmer: Rodrigo Sanchez


Monteblanco estate is led by Rodrigo Sanchez. A true Huilense with passion for coffee, being the 4th generation producing coffee in the same land Rodrigo wanted to take the Finca Monteblanco to another level. In 2002 after being selected as part of quality assurance of Palestina, Huila he decided to change a section of the farm to unusual varietals - the Pink Bourbon being one of them. 


Due to the richness in their soils and amazing environmental surroundings, the estate has an excellent cup profile and has achieved great recognition worldwide.

Hacienda Monteblanco (Pink Bourbon) - 250gm

  • This Pink Bourbon really has great fruity aromas and a medium-creamy body to it. The top-quality citrus notes from the Red Apple and Orange are balanced with the wheaty malt notes. It is hard to find such great flavours within a bean. Our recommendation: try it at least once to understand what we are talking about. If you hate it - just send it back :)




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