Varietal: Colombia, Typica, Castillo
Notes: Sugarcane and molasses with sweet floral and caramel fragrances
Farmer: Dielber Viana


La Florentina is a special microlot grown by Dielber Viana, one of those small farmholders living in the outskirts of Pacarní. This small lot is part of his first harvests after much dedicated and committed work to change to a profitable crop. This region has seen the rapid and successful growth of speciality coffee production over the last decade, as small farmholders with plots no bigger than 1.5 hectares have been key in reaching the high quality this coffee is prized for. Their careful and dedicated hand has ensured a leading producer position among Colombian coffee.

La Florentina - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • La Florentina with notes of sugarcane and molassess is indeed a treat for the senses. It is balanced, with sweet notes, medium/high acidity, medoum body in the cup, and with intense, caramel and fruity aromas. A great example of speicalty Colombian coffee and also perfect for your everyday coffee experience. 




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