Varietal: Yellow Caturra, Tabi
Notes: Sweet Liquorice, Raisins and Hints of Lime

Roast: Medium Roast
Farmer: Aminta Ramirez

Region: Tolima


The hills of La Herrera in the Tolima department/region provides Aminta Ramirez and Manuel Perdomo with what they need in order to produce this incredible coffee. They, like many coffee farmers, rely on the land to provide for their young families, who settled in these remote mountains of Tolima seeking new opportunities. The coffee that Aminta and Manuel produce is a testament to the hard work they put in in ensuring the quality and consistency - especially with the unique notes that we find in these beans. 


Weight: 250g

La Herrera

Beans or Ground?
  • Grown at an altitude of 1,850 - 2,000 MASL, this coffee comes packed with flavour. When we tried this coffee we experimented with multiple methods, and landed on the best results using various filter methods for a hot brew - it made the citrus notes really jump out. And the complexity of the notes, blend of sweet liquorice and citrus, make this a great contender to make yourself a cold brew or iced coffee - very refreshing and very unique!



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