Variety: Castillo/ Caturra

Notes: Blackcurrant, Mandarin and Hibiscus

Roast: Medium Roast
Farmer: Bertulfo Obando

Region: El Aguila, Valle del Cauca


Bertulfo Obando has been a coffee grower all his life. His family has lived in the Area of El Cofre for as long as he can remember and today he lives on his farm ‘La Oculta’ with his own family and produces coffee and plantain. The farm is located in La Cereda el Cofre at an altitude of 1.850 MASL and about 1 hour from the municipality head of El Aguila. Bertulfo's processing method is a traditional washed coffee with and extended fermentation of 36 hours and dried in the sun for 15 days in roof patios. This recommendation for longer fermentation times came from the technical advisory 3 years ago as part of a plan to enhance coffee quality and sustainable commercialisation. Today Bertulfo is one of the members of Asotatama El Aguila that has been able to sell part of his harvest as a micro lot to Hermanos.


Weight: 250g

La Oculta

£17.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
Beans or Ground?
  • This coffee scored a 87 with notes of Blackcurrant, Mandarin and delicate notes of Hibiscus. This coffee is best used with pour over methods and the notes are simply delicious and well balanced - a real special treat. This is what speciality coffee is all about and so we picked up the entire micro lot.



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