Varietal: Gesha
Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Pomegranate 
Farmer: Luis Calderon

The Calderón family has over 60 years of experience growing coffee. Coffee production began more than 30 years ago, using the land he had received from his father as a young boy. Current day Finca Betulia focusses entirely on specialty coffee production, where he and his family produce more than a dozen rare varieties. This level of adaptation came from observations Luis had made on his farm when plants began to show characteristics that were different from each other. When the seeds of these trees were cupped, a prominent cup flavour difference was found, and the plants were separated and cultivated as different lots, starting Finca Betulia on the journey to a very diversified farm.

La Primavera - 250gm

  • Geshas have a very delicate and balanced profile where each note in the profile complements one another. Fragrant cirtusy bergamot, gentle hints of lavender and the juicy feel of pomegranate - all come together to give this coffee an excellent cupping score of 89+. One to be enjoyed on its own as a special treat. 




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