Varietal: Yellow Caturra
Notes: Floral, fruity, lemon
Farmer: Einar Ortiz


Einar Ortiz started picking coffee at a very early age and everywhere he went he was liked for his commitment and incredible speed at cherry picking. As his reputation grew in the region, he was tempted to manage Finca La Siberia in Rioblanco, Tolima. With great effort and total dedication he started saving money and when he felt he had enough, he made an offer to the owner. They came to an agreement and his entrepreneurship paid off. Today he is the proud owner and he produces one of the most detailed coffees in the region, to which he is constant and totally devoted. Einar is an example of hard working dedication, always improving his crop with new technologies and coffee varieties.

La Siberia - 250gm

  • La Siberia, yet another coffee we fell in love with because of the variety of notes that comes through with every sip. Fruity and floral with caramel aromas, this coffee is perfect for pairing with a sweet dessert - perhaps with a delicous chocolate and sea salt brownie! 




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