Varietal: Colombia, Caturra
Notes: Packed with citrus and berries, with a hint of cocoa
Farmer: Clemente Paz


Clemente Paz originally from Planadas Tolima inherited 8 hectares of land located between La Lindosa and La Avanzada loooking towards The National Natural Park of Las Hermosas in Tolima Colombia. Clemente in his mid sixties still is totally devoted to his land and specially to his coffee. He makes a daily effort to improve his quality and production. Clemente is a proud father of 3 sons and 8 grandchildren, he is slowly leaving his knowledge and the farm to Javier his oldest son. He tells us "Javier's coffee passion runs in his veins and his legacy will be the same as mine". He likes to dry his coffee in direct sunlight and we waits all six months for this to happen. His coffee is outstanding with the right balance, aroma and flavours. He insists there will be no retirement since his farm and crop is his real passion."I will be here until the last day of my life", and looking at those magnificent mountians over looking "Las Hermosas" you understand why there is no hurry to retire.

Las Hermosas - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • The coffee like it's name, is beautiful. It is bursting with citrus and berry notes and each sip is packed with flavour! We tried this coffee at a tasting session and simply loved it - mainly because of the crisp and vibrant notes that set it apart from everyone else. All we can think of is big slice of chocolate cake to complement the notes in this coffee! A must try and we expect this to be one of our most popular varieties in 2019. 




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