Varietal: Caturra, Tabi, Castillo
Notes: Honey and caramel with nutty and chocolate notes and floral aromas
Farmer: Nestor Rodriguez

Region: Tolima


Loma Tala belongs to Nestor Rodriguez, a young coffee farmer that started to grow his own coffee on 12 hectares of land that he inherited from his father in 2007. We sampled his coffee and were amazed by the truly rich flavours and outstanding quality of the coffee beans. Nestor has been continually reinvesting into the farm and using technology to maintain the quality of his tailor made coffee and the improvement and passion is clearly visible in this lot of coffee. 


Weight: 250g

Loma Tala

Ground/ Bean?
  • The sweetness from honey/caramel notes stands out with nutty notes, very simialr to what we experienced in the Kurumukis. We also got chocolatey notes with a hint of spices, which makes this coffee unique in itself. Definitely one to pair with a rich dessert of your choice! 




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