Varietal: Colombia
Notes: Chocolate, Honey/Caramel, Black Tea and Malt

Roast: Medium Roast
Farmer: Guambianos

Region: Silvia, Cauca


The Misak or Guambianos are an indigenous community based in the Cauca region of Colombia. Their culture is strongly connected with nature and the coffee farming process is strongly aligned to that and is their main focus and priority. The land is owned by the community and the coffee is hand-picked by the entire group (with no external hired labour) as a social commitment to help one another. Continuing their philosophy to keep it natural, the coffee is processed at the local washing station, sun dried, and then passed through a natural decaf process (SUGARCANE process), giving it the amazing notes that we have come to appreciate.


Weight: 250g

Misak (Decaf)

Beans or Ground?
  • Misak comes out strong in providing a great cup of coffee with the notes of chcocolate and caramel and the crispness of black tea. It is perfect for your daily fix of coffee and you get to avoid the caffeine.   



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