Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Notes: Walnut, raspberries and sugary sweetness
Farmer: Igualdad Mujeres Hombres


We are proud to partner with the women’s group IMH (Igualdad Mujeres Hombres – Parity Women Male) and have committed to work with them to buy their coffee beans to show our support. The group is an initiative of rural women that have been going through a continuous process of formation and learning with the aim of producing and processing high quality coffee. This project is a great opportunity to show that the bond with coffee production and processing is very tight. The group nurtures this culture and business as it resembles Colombian culture and identity and they want to encourage different respectful dynamics within male and female farmers in the rural area of Colombia. This opportunity of becoming independent benefits the wider community and closes the gap for women coffee farmers.  The coffee comes from small farms located between 1.600 to 1.800 MASL from the municipalities of QUINCHIA, LA CELIA and EL AGUILA in the department of RISARALDA and VALLE DEL CAUCA. The farms are located near the TATAMA natural forest in the north west of Risaralda which provides a unique micro climate for high quality coffee production.

Mujeres Independientes - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • The notes of walnuts and raspberries are complemented with natural sweetness of the coffee. With a score of 85.75, the coffee is a testament to the quality and care that is adopted by the women's group to produce some excellent specialty coffee, and definitely an association we are proud to partner with. 




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