Varietal: Caturra
Notes: Lemon, butter, spice with aromas of jasmine and lemongrass
Farmer: Alejandro Paz

Hacienda Palo Verde is an example of successful generational relay, originating with Gerardo Paz, and passed on to the current third generation under Alejandro Paz, his grandson. Alejandro is a hard working coffee grower that always have in his mind how to improve the conditions of The Hacienda. On the last eighteen months he was brought new varietals into the farm and still is experimenting to implement the lastest gesha, laurinas and new types of his beloved caturra. Alejandro and his wife Sandra Milena travels to Buesaco to deliver his coffee but to attend the latests courses provided by the various exporters in how to continue evolving their world of coffee.

Palo Verde - 250gm

Ground/ Bean?
  • We tried this coffee at a tasting session and loved the delicate citrus notes with a creamy finish. The Palo Verde is a perfect opportunity to start your specialty coffee experience as it highlights the earthiness of coffee with notes of citrus and subtle spices, coupled with the aromas that will have you wanting more. 




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